Reach Expo is a leading trade fair marketing company based in Pakistan. We brand and market leading international trade fairs. Our company has professional databases of Pakistani exporters of motorcycle garments & accessories, motorcycle auto parts, bicycles, textile garments, fabrics, textiles, home decoration, furniture, toys, gifts & handicrafts, stationery, Jewellery, ceramics, carpets & rugs, surgical instruments, sports goods, leather fashion garments, shoes and fashion accessories. Over the years we have developed comprehensive databases of Pakistani exporters of above mentioned products. These databases are used for extensive marketing throughout the year. We use these databases for e-marketing, fax-blasting, telemarketing and direct mail.

Entering a new market can be a challenging proposition. For many companies, the overhead costs and operational requirements for setting up even a small sales office can be prohibitive. The key to being successful exporter is to stay in touch with your buyers at every important platform. Reach Expositions helps you reach your buyers around the world through your participation in different international trade fairs.

At Reach Expo, we extend the most professional representational services to international trade fairs we work for. Our close relations with the local trade associations help us deliver even better services to these international trade fairs. Having a rich experience of trade fair marketing, we ensure that our principal trade fairs get the right kind of manufacturers on the one hand. On the other, we assist our exhibitors in finding the right kind of exhibitions which are suitable for their product line.

We help Pakistani manufacturers promote their goods at places where they could grab new buyers. We not only encourage but also facilitate Pakistan's exporters reach global markets. We help our exhibitors penetrate and develop overseas markets.

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